ASPCA Gives Statement on Ellen Adoption

The ASPCA has responded to media reports and overwhelming public inquiries regarding the situation of Iggy, the dog adopted by Ellen DeGeneres from the Los Angeles-based rescue group "Mutts & Moms".

Iggy was recently removed from Ms. DeGeneres’ hairdresser’s home after the rescue group learned of the re-homing that was conducted without its knowledge or prior approval as specified in its adoption contract. Said ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) President & CEO Ed Sayres, "Ms. DeGeneres’ love and concern for animals has become practically iconic. As such, we have the utmost respect for her actions in trying to provide loving homes for animals in need-she sets a great example for not just other celebrities, but the entire American public."

"We also understand the point of view of Mutts & Moms. Several shelters, including our own, have similar language written into their contracts that essentially function as a safety net for the animals they adopt out, so that adopters know they can always bring the animals back in case the adoption doesn’t work out. With an estimated five to seven million companion animals entering shelters every year, the last thing any responsible shelter wants to see is the unnecessary euthanasia of pets."

In the last week since the ASPCA issued this statement the Los Angeles Police Department have come out and stated that they believe that they made a mistake in the Ellen DeGeneres dog case as they should not have allowed Marina Baktis leave with Ellen’s dog Iggy. Marina Baktis is the representative and big wig of Mutts and Moms whom Ellen adopted the dog Iggy from. Ellen then gave the dog to her hairdresser. Police are stating that they should have not allowed Baktis to remove the dog from the hairdresser of Ellen as they could have talked it out for a better resolution.

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