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    My name is Lizzie and I live in California ..obviously I love hunting dogs, actually all animals..this is a rundown of who lives with me: 4 dogs 2 horses 1 brave cat, 3 tortoises and 6 chickens.
    We have always had dogs, but about 6 years ago, we acquired our first Pointer… a Vizsla , we named Abby, and now we are hooked. Peaches joined the family 2 years ago. They both hunt upland game in season and compete in AKC events.

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    We have:
    25 ball pythons
    9 adult corn snakes
    10 corn snake hatchlings
    2 California king snakes
    2 Kenyan sand boas
    1 jungle carpet python
    1 baby super tiger retic
    1 albino Honduran milk snake
    3 clutches of ball python eggs
    1 clutch of corn snake eggs
    1 gravid ball python who’s being stubborn
    about 100 rodents for feeders
    2 German Shorthaired Pointerss
    2 boys
    1 adult male
    1 adult female
    and the cellar spiders (Daddy Longlegs, the only eight legged creepy crawlies that don’t scare me to death) and Asian beetles all over the house 🙂
    Once in awhile we have a flying squirrel running around in the walls and ceilings too, the joys of living in the country 😀



    I own two dogs and two cats. I couldn’t get any good pics of the cats so I just uploaded my two girls <3 Bella, is a 2 year old Jack Russel Terrier/ beagle mix, and Abby is a 6 year old German shepherd/hound mix.

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    101 animals.
    85 snakes
    14 geckos
    1 tiger oscar
    1 desert hairy scorpion
    Ok…it’s more than 101, but I’m not counting the feeder rats and mice, or Dubia roaches

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    Hello. We have two dogs, a Shih-tzu (Billy)and a Rottweiler puppy (Snots). 4 snakes, 2 Albino Burmese and 2 Retics. We also have 4 Iguanas (all adult) and a Leopard Gecko. We also have a 55 gal aquarium.

Viewing 5 posts - 196 through 200 (of 200 total)

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