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    I currently share my home with 16 animals.
    I have an American eskimo, two male fancy rats, 5 eastern garter snakes (I used to breed this especies), a pair of ball pythons, a pair of Sudan plated lizards, a pair of savannah monitors, and two male blue and yellow spotted Ameiva.



    We have nine cats, a dog and a rabbit. All Rescues, all spayed and neutered, and well cared for. I am always looking for other people who have a lot of animals to exchange ideas and to discuss the societal
    pressure to own only one or two animals.
    Thank you for posting this and I hope to meet other "crazy pet owners" Diane



    We have 8 dogs, 3 doxies, 2 blue heeler, deaf boxer, and a old poodle. 7 cats, 2 degus, and 2 tanks full of fish. I am trying to find out about degus’s, does anyone know about them?



    1 dwarf hamster named Bandit (male)
    1 Black lab mix named Lucky (male)
    2 shitzu named Onyx and Daisy (females)
    1 cockatiel named O.P. (short for optamis prime)(male)
    1 Beta Fish named King (male)
    1 Beagle named Crystal (female)



    Animal hoarder, No…Animal lover, yes definitely. We have 7 cats(all rescues or strays), 4 aquatic turtles, 1 iguana, 2 hamsters, 2 bunnies, and 4 pitbulls. I’m a responsible pet owner, i have had my dogs and cats spayed and neutered and when any of our animals are in need vet care i make sure to get them taken care of. I have 2 daughters and they love having all our animals. My 9 yr old wants to be a marine biologist and my 7 yr old wants to be a veterinarian when they grow up. We may have alot of animals but they are part of our family and we love and care for them.

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    Hi I have 4 Guinea pigs, Maud, Gertie, Norah and Evie.
    I also have an English Spot Rabbit called Poppy, and a new Californian Giant Called Tulip.
    If you count Children as animals, I also have 3 of those too
    Isobella 7
    Francis 3
    Amelia 1

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    We have three beautiful American Eskimos Casper our old boy is 15years young still acts like a puppy at times Snowy Angel age 8 but will be 9 on May 18 and one of their pups Sakura age 6 who keeps me on my toes my human kids are all grown and on their own but there is no such thing a "empty nest" around our place



    Right now I have one pony, two large miniature horses, one old dog, two cats – a persian and a shorthair, six rabbits, and hoping to add one more rabbit to the crew. I love them all.

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    I have 6 chihuhuas,3 short haired and 3 long, (my lap babys)…….Mini,Lacy, Bj, Lovey, Milky and Sweet P.
    One older Chorkie- Tazzy, 1 Mastiff mom Betha and 2 six month old 85lb Mastiff puppys Dyna and Sophie,
    One really old part Lab stray -Lucy and one old totally out numbered stray cat-Babycakes.
    By the way I do live in the country on acrage with cows for neighbors.
    I would LOVE some miniature goats and some chickens but am afraid coyotes would kill them but they are SOOO cute!

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    Hello! I have 2 horses Sarra & Shiloh, 2 dogs GSD mix Diasy & Lhasa Apso Zoey, 1 cat Smokey, (fish tanks) 2 fiddler crabs & 1 cory cat, 6 mollies.



    I have 2 dogs (Ruger and Pheonix) 4 cats ( toby may nachos and Julieanna) 3 snakes (Sneeky slinky and spinky) 2 bird (choochoo and Willy) and 4 horses ( cash Hershey Mocha and Freckles)



    Hello I have 2 cats queen Sheba and Queen tut,2 dogs Coda female rat terier and Nico male jack russel terier, 2 bunnys romeo and juiate, 2 furetts hershie and kitkat and 2 parakeets jack and jill, plus 5 kids that at times i think they are animals.



    Apparently we don’t own too many pets after all?just one dog?Katya, a rescued Alaskan Husky?and three cats, all domestic shorthairs?Amber and Samantha, who are littermates, and Pixel, a stray kitten who wandered in from the rain one night and promptly made himself at home. Four animals, four humans; seems like a good ratio to me. I still feel like I’m leading the circus parade when I take the dog for a walk with two or three cats trotting along behind…
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    I have one HUGE dog named Isabel, three wonderful cats named Joey, Gracie and Lilly and two granddogs named Forrest and Lila.



    Had 5 pets.
    One got adopted last week–[yayyy]
    4 left. 2 that still need to be adopted.
    2 dogs and 2 cats.

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