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    i have posted lots and not even said my Hi’S my name is tasha, 25 from wilts, u.k, i have 2 children and have had animals in my life all of the time, starting with 2 cats rosie and scruffy, both now in pussy cay heaven, at the ages rosie 18 and scruffy 13, i now have fluff 8 nearly 9 lilly 8 poppy 7 just turned smudge 4 fizz nearly 3 i had ringo but he vanished my little baby. he ahd a ring mark on his face that looked like someone glued a polo to it. ive had some staffy dogs my 1st one jade had to be put to sleep she had many health probs, and my other one i gave to my cousin as a while ago i wan under going tests and thought i might have MS so i didnt think id be able to look after her anymore….. but i dont have MS thank gosh….. i have 4 fish tanks arranging from cichlids and livebearers. did have crabs as well but they gone now. i have two white chipmunks and my new member is my chocolate labrador buttons…… their piccies are in the gallery.. also linked below at the webshots site.. i wanted to become a vet when i was younger then im not sure what it was but i see something terrible and since then put me off having to do any op’s on an animal. so i have read everything i can about behaviour and bring an animal up… watch quite alot of programmed on it too, but since i havent got cable no more i cant arghhhhhhh i am quite a fun person, honest,. and also if i can help or if i want some help i know where to come hugs tasha x (your turn)

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