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    I’ve been owned by Pug dogs for over 25 yrs. My first Sara Lee lived a very good quality life of 15 & a half wonderful years. Snuggles Lee my present Pug girl is now 10.She really had some big paws to fill, and does a loving job at taking care of me. I’m a widower now of 4 years, and Snuggles Lee really keeps me going. She strangely became diabetic 8 months after my wife’s passing. Snuggles took a brief period too adjust, and me also, but we get along. Diabetes is a challenge keeping balance. My Vet checked her last wk.and her glucose went back up too a high level. The Vet did not even suggest a slight increase her insulin dose, he wanted to begin very expensive testing for Cushing’s Syndrome, which I feel is not the right path. Just wondering how others feel. I read if she does have it, the treatment is very toxic, I’d rather leave well enough alone. Thank you, Chuck

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