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    Dear experts,
    I am writing you from Germany, because I am sadly soon out of luck with my beloved guinea pig. My girl, Polly, is currently 3 years old and already had to go through too much in her young life. She is currently living with a male called “Fussel”.
    Two months ago, she had her first abscess and since then everything has been very bad. She had surgery multiple times to remove the abscess, but it just will not grow back together. I clean the wound everyday with NaCl, and add ointment after. She is doing well a good period after the surgery until she again starts to have eating difficulties most likely caused by the formation of much pus, and now the vets here in Germany also fear that fungal might be the reason that her wound will not grow back together. She was recently checked for diabetes, but that came back negative.
    Her last surgery was yesterday, and the vets suggested to let her go, because they simply do not know what to do anymore.
    I am writing you in the hope that you might have some suggestions to fix my Polly, having your experience in the field in mind.
    I am giving it my last shot and Polly a chance, since I don’t want to put her down unless I know I do not stand a chance to cure her so she can live a happy life.
    I would be more than appreciative if you could find 5 minutes to look at this email.
    Thank you in advance,
    Camilla and Polly from Germany

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