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    I have had 2 female Russian Dwarf Hamsters in one cage for a few months now. They have always got along fine…occasionally chasing each other around and squeaking but nothing more than that ever. A friend of mine was watching them for a couple weeks while we went out of town. They were unfortunately in a much smaller cage and without a wheel during this time. The one attacked the other one, drew blood and bit off some fur. My friend then separated them for the rest of the time he was watching them. We have tried to put them back in their normal cage together since returning and they instantly start fighting. Is there anyway to have them go back to peacefully living in the cage together or will they keep fighting? I don’t want to risk it and have one of them end up getting killed but we don’t have much space and don’t have room for 2 cages. Any advice on my situation would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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