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    My guinea pig is sick and I don’t know if it’s one thing or multiple.
    About five days ago he stopped eating. four days ago he stopped drinking, and three days ago he was missing fur on his back and the skin has scabs. I also think he just passed a kidney stone because I helped it out (with gloves) I’ve used a dropper to get water into him, and I’m not sure if he’s constipated or just not going because he hasn’t eaten so I was told to give him a little olive oil to help him go, which hasn’t helped I don’t think. I can’t get him into a vet at all my parents already said no because we’re too poor to afford one. I chopped up some spinnach and carrots and put it in some of his water and used the dropper but I don’t think that helped.
    Is there a product that I could put into his water that is cheap that will basically feed him? I don’t want him to die but he’s so skinny now and I think that if I don’t do something today that he will die.
    I thought it was mites too so I put bag balm on his back and it hasn’t helped. I have no clue what’s wrong. His teeth are even and the same length as usual as well. He is 3 years old as well. Only pet that I own and is never outside.

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