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    I think my Guinea pig just passed a kidney stone, which would explain the loss in appetite. I wondered if he was constipated so I looked at hit bum to see if maybe there was poo stuck there and I noticed a big white pellet thing in his urethra. I got gloves and helped it out (it was at the opening) and researched it. I’m pretty sure it was a stone but I think he’s still in pain (obviously) he will only lay there and I don’t want him to get an infection. Is there anything I could do to help him feel less pain and increase his appetite ? I had to force feed him food and water because he stopped eating two days ago an I don’t want him to die. Help please. Is there anything else I can do other than wait? I gave him a tiny dosage of aspirin to help but I think it still hurts him. Thanks and sorry for the long message. He’s male, 3 years old.

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