Trimming A Budgie’s Nails

My budgie's nails are extremely long and seems to be causing him some discomfort, could they be cut? Is it something I can attempt myself?

All budgies’ nails continue to grow throughout their life and often need cut. In the future you can introduce a rougher perch, perhaps with sandpaper on it, which may help to file them down on a daily basis.

Right now you need to cut them. This is fairly easy but if you are very nervous you are best to have your vet do it. I regularly cut my own budgie’s nails myself.

Simply hold him in one hand so that you keep his wings in tight. Turn him up side down so that his feet are easily accessible. Now take a standard set of nail scissors and trim off the lighter colored nail at the top.

If they are very long you will need to cut them in stages over a period of some weeks – as they grow the ‘quick’ gets further up. The ‘quick’ is where the blood vessels end and if you cut into this there will be some bleeding. You know that you have cut too far if specks of blood are coming through the end of the nail. Good luck!