Fish Tank 500 Gallon Glass Aquarium Complete Setup Local pickup only For Sale -

Fish Tank 500 Gallon Glass Aquarium Complete Setup Local pickup only

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Fish Tank 500 Gallon Glass Aquarium Complete Setup Local pickup only:

Fish Tank AquariumAqua Dream 500Gallon Fish TankPremium Ultra-Transparent Glass Complete Aquarium SetupNo shipping: Local pickup onlyProduct Address: 1222 6th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032
Introducing a stunning 500 gallon Aqua Dream aquarium, complete with a sleek aluminum and glass stand. This rectangle-shaped tank is perfect for all water types and comes with a model 3000 filter for easy maintenance. The glass tank material provides crystal clear views of your aquatic pets, while the 31.8 inch width offers ample swimming space for even the largest fish. This aquarium setup is a must-have for any fish lover and is available for local pickup only.

Perfect for any personal aquarium keeper, our tanks are designed to house & breed marine life, coral, aquatic plants, and aquascaping.This all-in-one bundle includes a glass tank, prebuilt aluminum stand, built-in sump filtration system, and LED light. Perfect for helping you start your aquarium right away.

The tank is made of high-quality low-iron tempered ultra-white transparent glass ("crystal glass"), with a light transmittance of >91.5% for a clearer-looking tank that is more resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Robust ~0.315 inches thick glass paneling allows the tank to easily withstand the impact of everyday use as well as increase acid and alkali resilience. Each panel is bonded by a German high-endurance biophilic silica gel which can resist saltwater erosion for up to 20 years.

The premium aluminum frame prevents deformation and fading, and also comes with a tri-color LED-equipped cover. The cabinet frame is also resistant to tension and torque deformation which can be caused by heavy loads as well as being corrosion resistant. The cabinet houses the sump filtration system, which will include all pieces needed for installation, as well as a submersible aquatic pump. The sump filtration system includes a wet-dry filtration system as well as designated filter media dividers. This will allow for a modular approach when handling the filter media of your choice.

  • Tank
    • 118.1 (L) x 31.9 (W) x 34.2(H) inches for a water capacity of423Gallons
    • Tempered Glass with a light transmittance < 91.5%
    • Led Light Cover, with 2 tri-color LED lights and mounting brackets
    • Aluminum frame, resistant to scratches and deformation
  • Cabinet
    • 118.1(L) x 20.5(W) x 33.5(H) inches
    • Aluminum frame, resistant to scratches and deformation
    • A built-in sump-filtration system
  • Sump Filtration System
    • 2000 GPH submersible pump
    • Wet-Dry filtration system
    • Designated filter media divider for modular use
    • 77 gallons water capacity
  • Shipping weight: 1500 lbs

Warranty Policy:
Fish tank and base cabinet body structure quality warranty for 5 years, electrical quality warranty for 1 year.
Insurance Policy:
Transportation insurance is covered by professional commercial insurance companies.The damage caused by the product is exempted from liability of $5,000, and it is not more than $1,000,000 covered by commercial insurance companies.

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