Can Dogs Be Fed Carrots?

My 15 week old westie loves raw carrots, are they ok for her? Are any other vegetables suitable for her? At the moment we feed her on pedigree complete and fresh cooked chicken. I would prefer to give her a raw carrot as a change from a chew /dog biscuit. Thanks in anticipation.

It is an excellent idea to supplement your dog’s diet with fresh vegetables, and especially in substitution for a chew. Many dogs like carrots, and there is nothing harmful about providing the odd raw carrot. Their diet, as in humans, should consist of a lot of different things in moderation. Your dog can eat most vegetables that humans eat, provided that they are in moderation. A little left over vegetables from the family meal the night before are an excellent addition to your dog’s meal. Vegetables known to be toxic to dogs include onion, garlic, green parts of tomato plants, potato peelings, raisins, grapes, rhubarb leaves, broccoli and pips or stones from many household fruits.