Live Crickets for Reptiles - Organic (100 - 10,000) Bulk Feeder Crickets S, M, L For Sale -

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Live Crickets for Reptiles - Organic (100 - 10,000) Bulk Feeder Crickets S, M, L:

*** If your shipment does not arrive well, contact us within 24 hours and please provide photos of the shipment. We guarantee live delivery to locations between 40° ~ 80°F *** Live Banded Crickets Crickets are a staple food source for just about all reptiles, and also for some species of birds and various amphibians. In general, they make a fantastic food source for a wide range of pets. Crickets ship best loose. Free to roam in the box with a few egg crates to climb around on. Please be aware of this when opening your package! About Predator Foods At Predator Foods we take great pride in being a quality organic grower and distributor of live feeder animals. We value our customers and make it a priority to lend a helping hand to them whenever possible. Our mission is to provide top customer service while cultivating and distributing superior products. And part of being a quality provider of live feeder animals is informing our customers of anything and everything they need to know about us and our products. We’ve built a brand around our reliable services and impeccable quality. Predator Foods employs only the most reliable shipping providers to ensure that our quality of service is upheld. ShippingTo ensure live delivery we ship Monday-Wednesday, and an overpack is included to make up for minimal losses. All addresses are verified by USPS before being shipped so make sure yours is entered exactly how it should appear. One day shipping is for our surrounding California area ONLY. Live delivery is GUARANTEED. If you have an issue with an order please notify us within 24 hrs. Contact us and we will send a replacement or a refund. Live Delivery cannot be ensured when under 40 degrees or over 80 degrees. Cricket Care Instructions When you receive your Crickets empty them into a container (18 gal. Rubbermaid tub or for smaller crickets use a “Cricket Keeper”). The Crickets will arrive in a custom shipping box that will have a number of egg crates inside. Use these egg flats as a place for the Crickets to hide and climb on. Keep Crickets at room temperature (70-85°). This is necessary for the crickets metabolism and immune system to function properly. The bottom of the Cricket container does not need substrate, just the egg crates, food like “Cricket Chow”, and a moisture source “Moisture Bites”. Crickets should be food stuffed before being fed to reptiles to yield optimal nutritional value.
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