HB500H Cimuka Incubator (Hatcher Only Model) | High Egg Hatch Rates, Easy Setup For Sale -

HB500H Cimuka Incubator (Hatcher Only Model) | High Egg Hatch Rates, Easy Setup

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HB500H Cimuka Incubator (Hatcher Only Model) | High Egg Hatch Rates, Easy Setup:

In this hatcher (H) model incubator, you can hatch up to 700 chicken eggs. It is equipped with 14 x egg setter trays(CS35Y).

This model is used for hatching only (last few days of incubation). It can can be used for quail, turkey, partridge, pheasant, peacock, goose and duck eggs. This (H) model does not have the egg turning system - it is not recommended for the setting process. If you need a separate setter (S) or a combined setter / hatcher (C), you can view these models along with all ourincubators here.

The highly insulated cabin hatcher offers a fully automated hatching experience with automatic humidity / temperature sensors to encourage higher hatching rates and lower electrical bills.Easily check the temperature and humidity conditions of the room through the onboard display. Cimuka’s advanced temperature / humidity controller has an alarm function to alert you if the room conditions change outside of your preset parameters.

Capacity (Full-Batch)BirdCapacity









Turkey / Duck


Goose / Peacock


  • "Hatcher" - egg hatching process only
  • Highly insulated cabinet

  • Anodized aluminum cabinet frame
  • Front and back doors for easy access and cleaning

Temperature & Humidity
  • Automatically controlled temperature and humidity sensors
  • Self-fill humidity trays are inside the unit to support automatic humidifier
  • HumisonicTMhumidity technology provides ideal hatching conditions
  • Low energy consumption withAirRouteTMPlus technology
  • Protected from voltage changes
  • Certified: IP55 dust and humidity protection system
  • Includes 14x egg setter trays(CS35Y)
  • High / Low temperature alarm (Plus room sensor)
  • High / Low humidity alarm (Plus room sensor)
Energy Consumption
  • 110V / 60Hz
  • Average: 120 W
  • Max: 410 W
Dimensions & Weight
  • Unit: L 21.5" x W 34" x H 57"
  • Cabinet Size: L 18.5" x W 34" x H 52"
  • Box: L 20.7" x W 35" x H 53"
  • Weight: 82 lb

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