Gold Mystery Snails 3 - Live Freshwater Algae Eaters Pomacea bridgesii For Sale -

Gold Mystery Snails 3 - Live Freshwater Algae Eaters Pomacea bridgesii

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Gold Mystery Snails 3 - Live Freshwater Algae Eaters Pomacea bridgesii:

Sold Out! They sold faster than they could grow so I'll drop the price back down once they are available again! Thank you to all the buyers!

3 LIVE Gold Mystery Snails! Freshwater Snail for Community Aquarium or Fish Tank.

The promotional discount on my first 5 orders has been removed, thank you to those who gave a new seller a chance!

Species name: Pomacea Bridgesii

- This listing is for 3 juvenile mystery snails.

These peaceful, lovely invertebrates were raised in my aquarium and enjoy eating a variety of foods, including algae wafers, fresh veggies like cucumber and spinach, decaying plant matter and leftover fish food.

General guidelines:

Temperature: 72-82

PH: 7.4-8.0

Lifespan: up to 3 Years


100% Live arrival guarantee. I guarantee that your snails will arrive healthy and in the best state possible! Please keep in mind that Live Arrival Guarantee will only guarantee that your snails will be alive upon arrival. To insure this guarantee I offer free priority shipping anywhere in the U.S.

If there happens to be a death on arrival please take time-stamped photos of the dead snail in the packaging and I will send a replacement. If a snail dies during shipping, its body will hang out of the shell, if the trap door is shut they are not dead.

Put them in your aquarium and wait a couple of hours. They should adjust and start working right away!

I ship snails Monday through Thursday - orders placed on Thursday after 9 am EST (depending on your location) will be shipped the following Monday. This is done to avoid your snails getting stuck at a USPS facility over the weekend. Will provide tracking number so you can keep track of your new

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