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Dubia Roaches Reptile Feeders Small Medium Large 50-500:

Our dubias are sold by weight and each order contains ~20% extra roaches than listed in case of a few losses during to transportTorn Sort WeightSmall 1/4"-1/2"Medium 1/2"-3/4"Large 3/4"-1"X Large Skip the pet store, have cheaper more nutritious reptile feeders delivered right to your door! Why are Dubia's the best feeder?High protein and packed with nutrients Can't infest your home, tell the wife!Can't climb smooth surfaces Don't make noise or smellBiggest bang for your buck! Due to variations in weather across the country, I can only guarantee live arrival if held at the post office. A good rule of thumb is forecast temps between 40F and 90F are safe to be delivered to your door, outside this range for too long can result in losses :(*Discrete Packaging: we do not mark out shipping boxes for their contents*Expected Delivery is 3-5 Days after completing your orderFeel free to message me with any questions!!!
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