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Custom link for 3 synodontis granulosus shipped to your door for toyo69dds Please contact us once purchase is made to schedule a shipping date. PLEASE NOTE BY PAYING FOR THIS ORDER YOU HAVE READ AND INDICATE YOU UNDERSTAND MY TERMS FOR ON THIS SALE. ONCE I HAVE RECEIVED PAYMENT I WILL CONTACT YOU TO SET A SHIPPING DATE THIS WILL NORMALLY BE WITHIN THE 3 DAY WINDOW I HAVE SET.CHEERS AND THANK YOU FOR THE BUSINESS. WE SHIP FEDEX 4 DAYS A WEEK SCHEDULE PERMITTING , MONDAY ? THURSDAY. WE DO NOT SHIP FOR SATURDAY ARIVAL AS IT IS JUST TO RISKY.WE OFFER SOUTHWEST CARGO DAILY WHICH IS SHIPPED COLLECT(YOU PAT AT THE AIRPORT) EXPECT IT TO BE BETWEEN $55-$120 ON AVERAGE. We offer a fairly standard DOA policy for the Aquarium hobby and if you are experienced online shopper you will find most of what it covers as fairly common sense. For those that are new you will find that we most of the stipulations as fairly straight forward and easy to understand.Step 1:Once we complete our order we will plan a shipping date (please refrain from asking for same day shipping as this is not a option). We aim to ship for a arrival date where you are available to receive your fish but in the event that you are not we can ship to your local hub or job.Step 2:We will cover DOA (dead on arrival) when Priority overnight / Southwest Cargo is a chosen option and you contact us within 2 hrs of arrival. Failure to meet the timeline voids warranty no exceptions. When Dealing with DOA please send 3 pictures first of the fish in the bag unopened. Take the time to ensure that you take clear photos. After this we may give instructions in the hope of necessitating the fish as shipping can be stressful but once we have deemed it DOA 2-3 photos out of the bag before disposing of it will be all that is required. Failure to do this voids DOA.Step 3:In the event of DOA we do apply the credit of the fish (not shipping) towards a future purchase. DOA is rare but it can happen and we will not shy away from our commitment to provide Live arrival for our fish. Once shipping is paid again we can look at sending your replacement or hold the credit for a future purchase down the line. Please note that our DOA policy covers our services which are live fish , food and decor. We do not cover shipping costs which is a service that is out of our control. Please be mindful of your current climate we do a fair amount of volume and do our best to double check things but with that being said if temps are extreme on your end lets plan around this together. Shipping to Fedex hubs is a favorite of ours as it reduces shipping time and keeps the fish in a temp controlled environment. We find that most ship centers are within 20 mins of most peoples homes and a great alternative when temps peak in either directions. On a final note our DOA policy is exactly that a live on arrival guarantee once the fish is in your hands the rest is on you so please research the fish properly ,provide adequate cover and care once they come in(nothing worse then aggressive tank mates beating up your new fish) and ask questions about current parameters. We will do our best to make your shopping experience a great one.
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