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Cat Toilet Intelligent Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Enclosed Sandbox

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Cat Toilet Intelligent Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Enclosed Sandbox:

Description:Product Name: intelligent litter box.Product size: 650 * 630 * 660 (mm).Rated voltage: 12V.Maximum load: 25kg.Litter Capacity: 6L.Trash capacity: 9L.BodyMaterial: PP.Weight: 12kg.Rated power: standby 1W, run 6W.Conventional power consumption: 1 kWh / month.Accuracy: 0.05kg.Backup battery: 2000mAh.Feature :4x gravity sensing, automatically recognize cats in and out, delay cleaning operation for 3 seconds, avoid accidents and frights, perform intelligent and effective cleaning, and collect cat litter in the trash can below, instead of completing tedious daily cleaning.Replace the garbage bag when prompted by the device.During the operation of the device, if a cat is sensed to enter or step on the device lightly, it will stop immediately until the cat leaves.When the sand leak hole senses cat's claws or other foreign objects, it will immediately stop running and make a small rotation, waiting for the foreign objects to be eliminated to prevent pinching the cat.In any case, if the cover of the device is opened manually or accidentally, the device will automatically cut off the power to prevent accidents.It is also suitable for large cats, which can be filled with 6L cat litter, which has a long battery life, which is very suitable for the owner when traveling on short trips. Clean in time, free your hands, run smoothly, and consume low noise. Separate design, easy to disassemble and cleanPrecautions:This product is only suitable for small particles, strong absorbent cat litter, cat litter such as bentonite and tofu crushed sand.Disable conventional strip tofu sand, crystal cat litter and other large particles.Initializes wt reboot, please touch cat litter, all assembled components to boot.Please put on a dry, flat and stable ground, the ground is not too soft, so gravity sensor reading errors.Do not place the product in hot, humid environment, to avoid damage to the circuit.Do not place anything on the device, a gravity sensor in order to avoid reading errors.After cleaning up trash, install in place when homing.Garbage bags fit as much as possible, so as not to block the infrared sensor, affecting the normal operation of equipment.

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