ARK Australian LIVE Reef Rock- PICK WEIGHT For Sale -

ARK Australian LIVE Reef Rock- PICK WEIGHT

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ARK Australian LIVE Reef Rock- PICK WEIGHT:



Our live rock is kept in saltwater and is fully cured. Pieces range in size, our selection includes a mix of sizes from 6 to 18 inches. We recommend a quick rinse in a 5-gallon pre-mixed salt water bucket before adding the live rock to your aquarium. For shipping purposes each live rock is individually wrapped in saltwater-soaked wrapping, then wrapped in bubble wrap, and securely placed in a Styrofoam box. Shipping is expected to take 3 to 7 business days.

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More About our Pristine Marine Live Rock...

  • Australia branch and shelf live rock: Very aesthetically pleasing! Can be the "silver bullet secret" to making your tank run correctly

  • Contains the natural ocean bacteria: Straight from the ocean to your tank. Our Pristine Marine Live Rock is never allowed to sit out and dry on a shelf; it will be shipped to you still wet and alive. Once added to your aquarium, natural live rock will start to help your tank’s biodiversity stabilize. The bacteria they house aid in the nitrification and de-nitrification processes needed to keep healthy and stable water. Live rock is the most natural filtration for your saltwater aquarium

  • Biological filter: Comprised of naturally occurring calcium carbonate structures. Pristine Marine Live Rock will have the best porosity available for surface area needed to create bacterial colonization, both from surface layers containing nitrifying bacteria, as well as denitrifying bacteria living deep within the intricate structures of the rock itself. Our live rock will also create a foundation for copepods, and filter feeders such as feather duster worms and sponges

  • Endless Aquascaping Possibilities: With all the intricate structures available with natural Australian live rock, you will have a beautiful aquascape in just minutes. There are countless ways to rotate and scape. Even placing the rock in with no thought at all provides a beautiful aesthetic to your aquarium, whether you are starting a new tank or just looking to add amazing accents to your current rock scape

  • Most natural habitat for fish: With so many open spaces and intricate hiding places, your fish will feel more at ease and less stressed, causing them to act as they naturally would in the oceans. Our live rock will also provide ample hiding spaces for all of your most valued invertebrates and clean up crew, especially those that are more nocturnal and need to hide during the day

    • Fast for cycling aquariums: Pristine Marine Live Rock will help aid in cycling new saltwater tank setups and speed up the cycling process for any tanks that are currently cycling and stabilizing with dry rock. Even just one small piece added to a dry rock setup will help seed the tank and get the cycle on its way quicker

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