Miss Eeide

Miss Eeide
unknown – 10-25-12
My sweet little rescued stray is now my angel in heaven. We don’t know when you were born but the loss we suffered when you left will be everlasting.
Remember me with love, not tears,
and think of all of our happy years.
When I was sick, you were at my side
Your tears and fears, you tried to hide..
I know you did your best for me,
but God above was calling me.
The tears with time, will go away,
but the love we shared will always stay.
Now the Lord has set me free,
that is how I want you to remember me…
That gentle breeze that made the wind chimes sing?
That was me, I was there with you.
The gentle snow falling upon your tears?
That was me, I was there with you.
And that little beam of sunlight that danced on the
otherwise shaded deck that day?
That was me, I was there with you.
Until we’re back together, never more to be apart.
Remember me with love, I left my paw print on your heart.
Wherever you are going and whatever you may do,
Just look down right beside you, I will be there next to you.
One day in the future just over the ridge
I’ll be waiting for you, standing on Rainbow Bridge.
Remember and Believe. I will love you forever.