Poodle skin irritation

My poodle (bella) is biting her skin and now she has a semi bald patch on her right thigh, i gave her a bath but she still does the samething. What do i do?

Some dogs that frequently bite at a certain location on their skin can develop what is called a hot spot. These hot spots are areas of skin that are severely inflamed and possibly infected. Dogs that get them will not leave them alone and they will bite and lick the area until it is hairless and ulcerated. Dogs with skin mites, fleas or allergies are predisposed to developing hot spots. Curly or long-haired dogs with hair that is too long or matted can also develop hot spots secondary to skin irritation.

It is recommended that your veterinarian examine your dog’s skin soon. Hot spots are extremely uncomfortable and the vet can provide relief. If the skin has become infected, antibiotics or antifungal medications may be necessary for healing. The vet may suggest that your dog wear a ‘cone’ or Elizabethan collar around the neck to prevent them from biting at the skin, inflaming it further and delaying healing. Normal bathing will only provide temporary relief for maybe a few hours. Your vet may suggest a special soothing or medicated shampoo to help decrease inflammation and prevent infection.