Removing a Snake’s Excess Skin After Shedding

How can I remove the shedding from my snakes eyes? After her last shedding some was left on her eyes and its making it difficult to see.

Snake owners often have to assist their snake to complete a shedding, and where there is skin remaining around the face this can be the most difficult to assist with. Snakes have transparent eye "caps" called "brille" instead of eyelids. If the snake has not completed shedding from the eye caps, look for a loose piece of skin and gently pull the skin up until it is removed. If you can not find any skin to hold on to, it should be possible to gently push the skin sideways, forcing the edge to slide into the eye cavity and exposing an edge to hold on the other side. If there is any significant resistance do not remove them as you risk permanently injuring the eye – in this case the excess skin should be removed during the next shedding.