Caring For Shedding Ball Pythons

We got a young ball python about 3 weeks ago from a friend who couldn't keep it anymore. We have had no problems holding or feeding it, and we are now in the process of setting up a 55 gallon tank to give it lots of room to grow (its currently in a 10 gal.). Two nights ago it started shedding. Should we wait until after it sheds to move to the new tank since we're not supposed to handle it during shedding? My second question is, does their temperament or behavior change when they're about shed?

As your python is shedding I would defiantly leave the move until he has finished. It normally only takes 7-14 days and he will normally spend most of this time hiding away so would not appreciate being moved. He wont normally eat during this time and may be a little bit more aggressive if you try to move him as his vision will be impaired and sudden movement may scare him.

Immediately before shedding his eyes will clear, you can help with the shedding by increase the humidity in the tank (by spraying the inside with warm water if you don’t have a more hi tech method) and giving him something rough to rub against (rocks or a large bit of tree bark). If a clean shed is not achieved you can help by soaking him in a shallow bowl of warm water and wiping him down with a damp cloth, be gentle though and don’t pull the skin off.