Feeding Blue-Tongued Skinks

I have just added a blue-tounged skink to my reptile collection. What kind of food should they be fed?

It is irresponsible for anyone to purchase a reptile without researching its needs prior to bringing it home, no matter how experienced you are with reptiles. Every species requires distinct care and feeding.

Blue-Tongued Skinks are omnivores, consuming both plant (about 60%) and animal matter (about 40%). They can be fed similar food to iguanas – a mixed vegetable salad with greens such as dandelions is ideal. Avoid vegetables which convert quickly to sugars such as corn and carrots. Also beware of carrots because they contain oxalates, which bind calcium, preventing its uptake. Cauliflower and broccoli contain goitrogens which bind iodine, leading to impaired thyroid function. Skinks thoroughly enjoy a sweet juicy fruit such as a peach, pear or even banana.

For the animal part of the diet, hatchling skinks can be started on mealworms, redworms, small crickets, and pinkie mice. Increase the size of prey to small earthworms and Zoophoba larvae as they grow. In general, feed your skink as much as he will eat, which usually means feeding between 2 and 4 times a week. Fresh drinking water should always be available for them at all times.