How Best To Cut A Dog’s Nails

I have recently heard that properly clipping a dogs nails is important to the dog's overall health (including back issues). I purchased a pair of clippers from a pet store, but I am worried about clipping too short and hurting my little dog. I am hoping for any advice or rule of thumb in clipping a dog's nails.

Yes, it is very important to keep them trim. If they are the wrong length your dog will have to walk in an unusual position and this can harm posture and cause back problems. It can also interfere with his normal grooming routine. If your dog is relaxed while having his nails clipped, the best way is to cut a little off at a time, using a specialist nail guillotine. There is nothing wrong with seeing a trace of blood at the end of the nail after cutting, and this is a good indication to stop. Should you cut too short, bleeding can be profuse so make sure you have a coagulant at hand. Also make sure to cut the nails at a 45-degree angle away from the dog so that the newly cut nail is flush with the floor when they walk.