The Best Way To Bathe Puppies

How do you bathe puppies?

Puppies do not normally need bathed, but if he has had a particularly dirty experience the need may arise. However, you should not bath your puppy more often than necessary, since shampoos will remove the natural oils that protect your puppy’s skin and hair. When shampooing, you should not use everyday soaps or cleaners. You can get advice about dog shampoos from your vet or from good stockists. Dog Shampoos produce less lather, which is very useful if your dog does not like being rinsed! If your puppy experiences any skin reaction after bathing, consult your vet about the shampoo you are using – you may need to purchase a medicated shampoo.

If you are not taking your dog to a professional groomer, you can use your bath at home. Be sure to put a non-slip mat in the bath to prevent your dog from slipping and hurting itself. This also prevents scratching to the enamel. When your dog is secure in the bath, gently introduce the water. This is best by use of an extendible shower head. The water should be warm, and avoid spraying the water straight at his face, ears or genitals. Wet the dog all over, talking to and massaging your dog as you go. Next introduce the shampoo, working from the top of the body down and finishing at the face. Dog shampoo will probably not sting the dog’s eyes but you should still be careful.

When you are sure your dog is thoroughly covered in shampoo, it is time to start rinsing. Again, start from the top. When you are sure that all shampoo has been removed, switch off the water and squeeze the hair with your hands to remove the excess. Do this before the dog gets out of the bath! Then give your dog a good rub down with an old towel to remove excess dampness. If your dog can tolerate a hairdryer, be sure not to put it too close to the skin. If not, then you will need a couple more towels.