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Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit
Himalayan Rabbit Fact File

Group: Cylindrical

Varieties: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac. White with colored markings.

Weight: Males: 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds, Females: 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 pounds

Physical Attributes: Himalayans are the only breed to have a body that is extremely long, narrow, and flat. When posed, a good Himalayan will not have any rise in the body from the shoulders to the rump when looked at from the side. When looked at from the top, a good Himalayan will be perfectly straight, with hips the same width as the shoulders. The head is long, and the ears are thing and upright. The rabbit is white with color on the nose, ears, feet, legs, and tail. The eyes are pink.

Personality: Himalayans are generally extremely calm and tolerant. They make excellent pets, and they enjoy attention.

Coat Type and Grooming: Himalayans have a short coat that is easy to care for. Weekly grooming with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly grooming may be required.

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Added on July 28th, 2010
I've lost track of how long we've had our Himalayan but I think it's about four years. We got her from the animal shelter. I love the way her fur changes colors with the hot and cold weather. Even though we had a rabbit before and somewhat understand their behavior, it took about a year and a half before she was really comfortable with being petted. Like our last rabbit, she hates being picked up but if you get down on the floor with her she really likes to be petted and will even come up to us to get her strokes. She hasn't gotten to the point of licking us yet like our last rabbit though. Apparently our naked skin with the pathetic fur is just too gross.
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