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Cinnamon Rabbit
Cinnamon Rabbit
Cinnamon Rabbit
Cinnamon Rabbit
Cinnamon Rabbit Fact File

Group: Commercial

Varieties: Standard. Rust or cinnamon color.

Weight: Males:? 1/2 to 10 1/2 pounds, Females: 9 to 11 pounds

Physical Attributes: The body is medium in length and round. The ears are upright. The color is what makes the Cinnamon so special. The body is rust or cinnamon in color with smoke gray across the back. The belly is a darker smoke gray. The face, ears, feet, legs, and tail have a very dark smoke gray or black color on them.

Personality: Cinnamons are generally fairly calm.

Coat Type and Grooming: Cinnamons have a short, easy to care for coat. Weekly grooming with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly grooming may be required.

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