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Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit
Checkered Giant Rabbit Fact File

Group: Full Arch

Varieties: Black, Blue. The body is white with a coloured nose marking in the shape of a butterfly, a circle of colour around each eye, a spot on each cheek, coloured ears, a straight line down the spine and top of the tail, and two large spots of colour on each side of the body.

Weight: Males: 11 pounds and over, Females: 12 pounds and over

Physical Attributes: The body is long and arched. It is fairly heavy as compared to other Full Arch Group breeds, though the legs are still long. The ears are long and upright, and the markings are unique to the breed.

Personality: Checkered Giants can be temperamental. Many dislike their ears being touched, and they tend startle easily.

Coat Type and Grooming: Checkered Giants have a short, easy to care for coat. Weekly groomings with a slicker brush are fine, except during shedding season when bi-weekly grooming may be required.

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Junior Member
Added on Jan 21st, 2009
I have just recently started the whole rabbit thing and I raise 3 different breed and checkereds is one of them. I think they are absolutely wonderful animals and yes some are testy but I have others that just love to give and get kisses. I am having some trouble though with a few of them getting sores on their feet. I have resting boards in their cages but that doesn't seem to help much and I was wondering if there was anything else I can do to stop the rest from getting the sores. Also is there anything I can do to help the one's with sores.
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