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The Standardbred is the fastest harness horse in the world, fueling the passion in the US for harness racing. The Standardbred eclipsed the old favorite of harness racing, the Morgan, by reducing the standard times for the mile by a full minute.

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Standardbred Horse
Standardbred Horse
Standardbred Horse
Standardbred Horse Fact File

Origins: Bred in the mid 19th century, the Standardbred is widely considered as the fastest harness racinghorse in the world. This particular breed can be traced back to 1788 to a Thoroughbredstallion called Messenger (a Darley Arabian descendent). This horse is bred for speed not conformation. In 1871, the American Trotting Register was founded. In 1879, a racing"standard" was laid down. Over a distance of 1 mile, trotters were toclock in at 2 minutes 30 seconds, pacers at 2 minutes 25 seconds. These"standards" gave the breed its name. The average speed of these"races" is 30 m.p.h. Since 1879, harness racing has become a hugely popular sport worldwide.It is found in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, France andRussia.?

Characteristics: Varies due to breeding. Generally a Thoroughbred physique but heaver.

Height: 14.1 - 16 hands

Color: Usually solid colors - Bay, brown, black, chestnut and others

Personality: Keen, willing, courageous; but also calm

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Added on Nov 20th, 2008
I adopted a former STB pacer. 6y/o mare -barn name is Roxy, awesome horse. Everything that is said about the personality and then some. She is so sweet, great ground manners and completely spook proof since they have been around everything from racing. Very willing and easy to train. Took to trail riding like a pro. First ride out was 3hrs without a hitch! I recommend this breed to anyone who wants a sweet and willing animal to work with and be companions with.
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