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The Mustang is a feral horse found in the western United States, originally from Spanish horses but mixed with other breeds over the decades. The name Mustang comes from the Spanish word meste?o or monstenco meaning wild or stray. From a one-time high of over 2 million, there are now thought to be around 30,000 wild Mustangs in the United States.

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Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse
Mustang Horse Fact File

Origins: The Mustang Pony is native to North America, descended from Arabian and Barb horses of the Spanish settlers and was later crossed with larger breeds to create working horses such as the Quarter Horse, Appaloosa, Pinto and Palomino.

Characteristics: Light build, hard legs and feet. Good stamina

Height: 14 to 15 hands

Color: Any Color

Personality: Courageous, independent and uncertain temper

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Added on June 18th, 2012
I have a mustang. He just turned 7 years old. He has great dressage training but there are holes in his groundwork. My trainer and myself have taken him back to 'pony kindergarten' and he is coming along fine. We are using TTEAM techniques. These are gentle training methods fromulated by a woman named Linda Tellington-Jones. They work wonders on horses. I have also included TTOUCH work coupled with SENSE touch massage. My little mustang, Eclipse, no longer has the deer in the headlights look in his eyes. He still needs work as he has panic moments that have resulted in me coming off when mounted...the ground gets harder the older you get but he has a sweet temperment and is a beautiful boy. the word the article about mustangs seemed to be questioning regarding the Spanish reference is mesteno with a tilda over the n ~ but I don't know how to put it there when typing on this keyboard. :)
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