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The Friesian is of of the oldest European breeds, and has been used for many tasks including farm work and cavalry use. The Friesian was almost extinct after World War I but was revived during World War II when motorizes vehicles were in short supply.

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Friesian Horse
Friesian Horse
Friesian Horse
Friesian Horse
Friesian Horse Fact File

Origins: The Friesian horse is one of the oldest European breeds native to the Netherlands. It has been used for riding, agricultural work and as a cavalry horse.

Characteristics: Long head, strong body, full mane and thick tail. Fast high stepping trot

Height: 14.3 to 15.3 hands

Color: Black but can have a small white star

Personality: Quiet, willing, hard-working and sensitive

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Added on Dec 11th, 2008
I agree with Elizabeth on height as even the crossed horses can be tall. My Friesian is a registered Warmblood/Friesian Cross and stands 17 hands and weighs 1450lbs. they are very bright and willing. Fabulous on the trail as well. If you love the breed and cannot afford one then look at cross breeds .
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