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The Belgian horse is a heavy, powerful horse, native to the fertile pastures of Belgium. These were horses that carried knights into battle in medieval Europe. They provided the genetic material from which nearly all the modern draft breeds originated.?

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Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse
Belgian Horse Fact File

Origins: The familiar "blond" Belgian Draft horse that we see in the United States has its roots in the Brabant, also known as the Belgian Heavy Draft. This name has been shortened to Belgian for common usage. During the Middle Ages it was known as the Flanders Horse (after the region of Europe in which it originated) and had great influence on the development of other draft horse breeds, such as the Suffolk Punch, the Clydesdale and the Shire.

Characteristics: The head is comparatively small and refined, with an intelligent expression. The Belgian Draft more normally seen in the United States is not as "massive" as the Brabant, but still retains the proportions of the Brabant. The body is compact with a short, wide back and powerful loins. The quarters are massive, with a characteristic "double muscling" over the croup. The gaskins are heavily muscled and the legs are short and strong. The hooves are medium sized, for a draft horse, with only limited "feathering".

Height: 16.2 - 17 hands

Color: Sorrel and roan colors are most common in the modern Belgian?

Personality: Kind temperament and easy to handle.

Reader's Comments on the Belgian Horse
Jeannie Suite
Non Member
Added on Jan 1st, 2008
Exceptional breed. I have a 4 yr. old Belgian mare, just came back from a show that my 2 yr old rode her in. You can throw my 2yr old on her and she'll walk, I can get on and canter around "gentle giant". That's the way every Belgian I have ever seen is.
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