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Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat
Siamese Cat
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Coat Type, Color & Grooming: Siamese cats are always cream colored, with different colored "points" -- the face, ears, tail, and feet. Points may be seal, chocolate, blue, or lilac.

Physical Attributes: Medium sized; sinuous, muscular body; long, tapering head with almond-shaped eyes; long, tapered tail; very short coat.

Personality: Very intelligent and talkative; unpredictable moods; usually chooses one person to whom it will express affection.

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Added on May 30th, 2013
The contributor who is looking for solid white or black Siamese is really looking for a white or ebony oriental shorthair. Contemporary Siamese and oriental only differ by one gene, and that's the one that controls color restriction to the points. Those who have pointed cats of mixed lineage may or may not experience the temperament referred to here. After all many breeds have points (Himalayan, Birman, Tonkinese, Snowshoe, Ragdoll, Burmese) but not all are "Siamese" in temperament or body type. As for Orientals: they ARE quite vocal, active, goofy, just the same as their pointed relatives. I own a chocolate and a lilac pointed Siamese and an Ebony and a Blue&white bicolor Oriental. It's a lively group!
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