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Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Cat
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Coat Type, Color & Grooming: The Ragdoll coat is moderately long, with abundant guard hairs, shorter fur on front legs, longer on rear legs. A wide array of pointed colors is available in bi-color, van, mitted, shaded and smoke patterns:
Colourpoint - Point coloured mask to the face,
point coloured ears, feet, and tail. A colourpoint has no white whatsoever.
Mitted - Point coloured mask, ears, tail and legs, with white mittens on the front feet and short white boots on the back feet. White on chin, ruff and stomach.
Bi-Colour -  White inverted “V” in the mask, white legs, feet, ruff and stomach. Point coloured ears and tail.

Physical Attributes: Ragdoll cats are large well-balanced cats with no extreme features. The head forms a broad equilateral triangle, modified by a gentle rounded muzzle. Their bodies form a long rectangle, are broad and solid with “medium to heavy” bone structure. They have long legs and a long well plumed tail.

Personality: Loving, placid and easy going and as such they make wonderful house or apartment cats. They are intelligent and can easily be trained. They have a unique temperament, usually sweet and docile – and are not fighters by nature.

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Junior Member
Added on Oct 16th, 2008
I Love my Ragdoll, Lillie. She's 10 years now, but I have had her since she was 5 months old. We found each other in a Pet Shelter and she is honestly the sweetest cat when it comes to personality. Ragdolls are an absolute Joy to have in a Family. I have found that they are very inviting to other pets and generally have a very warm nature. I'm so happy to have Lillie, she is so casual but has tons of energy to play, her and my dog love to chase each other.
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