Will My Lovebirds' Egg Hatch?

James Glover
by James Glover
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QuestionWe have 2 lovebirds, and I have just noticed an egg in the cage. I have now put in a nesting box. What are the chances of survival and will the bird have any more eggs? (Danny Clarke - Arizona)


It is difficult to assess the viability of eggs. For example, some bird's eggs that have been found cold, damaged have hatched under the parent, foster parent or an incubator, so you should never throw eggs out prematurely.

The incubation period for lovebird's eggs is between 21 to 25 days, so this should help you in assessing the viability. Fledging is between 40 to 44 days and the usual clutch size is 4 to 5 eggs, so this may be significant.

Quite often you need to take special care looking after young birds and it is best to read up on this, or consult a vet, preferably one that has a special interest in avian medicine.

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