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Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit w/ Filter, Heater, LED & Plants

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Tetra 20 Gallon Complete Aquarium Kit w/ Filter, Heater, LED & Plants:

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The Tetra 20 Gallon Aquarium kit is just what you need to dive in to starting a new tank. The Tetra 20 Gallon Kit is perfect for the aquarist looking for a traditional aquarium with natural scenery or someone looking to break into this exciting hobby! A 20-gallon tank is an ideal size to comfortably contain multiple fish while not taking up too much space in your home. The team at Tetra has designed an aquarium kit that takes all the guesswork out of setting up an aquarium. Each of these kits includes a 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium, one LED hood, one Tetra 100 Watt heater, one Tetra Whisper 20 filter, one artificial Boxwood Plant Mat, and 2 artificial plants multipacks to add color and shelter for your fish. Have peace of mind knowing that these Tetra products are built to last. Every aquarium comes with TetraCare experts to guide you through this exciting process.

Aquariums shown contain rocks and gravel not included in the kit

Tetra 20 Gallon Kit

All you’ll need is fish, gravel, and care items

Starting an aquarium can seem like a daunting task. You will need the proper equipment, food, conditioners and not to mention the proper decorations to match your own personal style. The Tetra LED kit is modeled after a traditional aquarium. This aquarium is perfect for an avid aquarist or someone looking to break into the hobby. The Tetra 20 Gallon kit is a great mix of utility and beauty.

Tetra 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium

Tetra Glass Aquarium is built to last with scratch-resistant glass. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. The Tetra Aquarium comes loaded with an LED hood, that provides a natural daytime effect. The Tetra 20 Gallon Glass Aquarium also comes with the Tetra HT 20 Heater, providing a reliable heat to keep your fish happy and healthy. The Tetra 20 gallon aquarium also comes with AquaSafe Sachet, TetraMin Sachet, TetraCare Brochure, Digital Thermometer, 37 inch Frame Hinge, Adapter, 4 inch Fish Net.

Tetra LED Hood

The Tetra LED Hood uses energy-saving LEDs that create a natural shimmer effect. The sleek, low profile black hood opens on a hinge for easy maintenance. Never replace a bulb again!

Artificial Plastic Plants and Decor

Artificial Plastic Plants add a unique, natural ocean feels while giving your fish a place to hide which reduces fish stress. Watch these plants sway with the filter current! It also comes with an artificial boxwood plant. Use them together or use the boxwood as a floor mat.

Tetra Whisper Filter

Whisper Filter provides whisper-quiet water flow that is powerful, dependable, and convenient.

Package Content
  • 20-gallon tank
  • Tetra LED Hood
  • Artificial Plants
  • Whisper Filter
Set up Instructions

Step 1:
  • To prepare for setup, rinse your gravel and décor with water, do not use soap or chemicals.
  • Find a flat place, preferably on a manufactured aquarium stand (for warranty purposes), where there are limited light and heat sources.
  • Add gravel, creating an upward slant to add depth.

Step 2:
  • Do not plug the equipment in until water has been added.
  • Fill the tank with water, which has been dechlorinated with AquaSafe, to roughly 75%-90%.
  • Decorate the tank to your personal taste.

Step 3:
  • Fill the tank the rest of the way, again with water dechlorinated by AquaSafe.
  • You can now plug in all equipment safely.
  • To start your Whisper Power Filter it needs to be primed which is done by pouring dechlorinated water into the top reservoir of the filter.
  • Snap LED lights into the hood and place your hood onto your aquarium, plugin.

Step 4:
  • After your heater and filter have had a few hours to run, you can safely add fish.
  • Start by floating your bag from the store in the aquarium until the temperature of the water in the bag is the same as the water in your tank.
  • Do not directly pour your fish into the aquarium as it may be dirty. Gently net your fish out of the storage bag and add it to the aquarium.
  • Immediately add a bottle of SafeStart to begin cycling your cost:

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