SINGER XL-5000 (XL5000) FS Sewing & Embroidery Machine For Sale - New and Used

SINGER XL-5000 (XL5000) FS Sewing & Embroidery Machine

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SINGER XL-5000 (XL5000) FS Sewing & Embroidery Machine:

Singer XL-5000 - Factory Serviced MachineSome sewing machines are very special, however the Singer XL-5000's computer trickery puts it way beyond other machines.The new Singer XL5000 computercontrolled embroidery sewingmachine.

  • Automatic Threading System™
  • Wind-in-Place Bobbin System™
  • Auto Thread Exchanger™
  • Endless Bobbin™
  • Singer-patented quilting stitch

Automatic Threading System™
With just a touch of a button, the Professional XL-5000 automatically threads itself, from the top spool of thread through the eye of the needle.Wind-in-Place Bobbin System™
Place an empty bobbin in position, touch the screen for either a full, half or quarter fill and the machine does the rest, taking thread from the top spool and winds directly to the bobbin.Auto Thread Exchanger™
Enables the machine to switch between colour threads during embroidery, After one colour has been sewn the machine stops, snips thread, rewinds thread back onto the bobbin, threads itself with the next colour even through the needle, then starts to stitch.Endless Bobbin™
If the bobbin runs out during an embroidery, the machine stops, rewinds the bobbin until its full, taking thread from a separate enclosed spool, then resumes stitching where it left off.

Singer-patented quilting stitch
An ingenuous stitch that creates the look of hand quilting and can be customized to various lengths, using advanced computer technology, allows you to use clear invisible thread on the top bobbin and the coloured quilting thread on the bottom spool, the Singer XL-5000 does the rest and magically pulls the coloured quilting thread to the upper fabric side to produce a perfect quilt stitch. Quilting and other large projects are also made easier with the extra-extra high lift pressure bar, drop feed lever and increased sewing surface area.

When you're ready to let your creativity run free , access one of the Singer XL-5000's built in embroidery fonts or monogram motifs. Many digitized embroidery designs can be combined and rotated to any angle for maximum customization.

  • Multi Hooping
  • Full colour 3-D LCD touch screen
  • Pictogram and icon based menus
  • Computer controlled thread tension
  • Sideways sewing

Multi Hooping
Produces large scale designs - up to 250mm x 450mm
( 10" x 18" ) total size. Create your layout on screen to ensure precisely matched designs.

Full colour 3-D LCD touch screen
The Professional XL-5000 utilizes the latest user-friendly technology. Almost every sewing action has been automated and can be easily executed through touch screen programming. The full color 3-D LCD touch screen is easy to read and displays your design patterns.

Pictogram and icon based menus
Singers exclusive pictogram and icon- based menus simplify any process and include user instruction and help screens that guide you every step of the way.

Computer Controlled thread tension
Automatic computer-controlled thread metering system delivers the precise amount of thread for the optimal appearance of each stitch

Sideways Sewing
Allows you to sew in four different directions (forward, backward, left and right) via on-screen control, instead of pivoting your fabric.

  • Embroidery fonts up-to 60mm
  • Accepts up-to 128 colours in a single hoop
  • Ability to combine up-to 120 characters
  • Over 100 built-in embroidery floral designs
  • Knee presser foot lift
  • Sewing stitch odometer
  • and much more......

To further expand your creative capabilities, consider add- on features like our new Smart Media Design Cards. Or Singer's Professional Sew-Ware 2.0
(PSW v2), state of the art software that lets you download designs from your computer to the machine.

Multiple Font Sizes
Embroiders Fonts ranging from 7mm to 60mm that can be resized in 1mm increments.

Built in stitch and buttonhole choices
Review your choices on-screen and simply touch the one you want. Buttonholes can be perfectly sewn in one step to match the size of any button. An extensive variety of stitch patterns and buttonhole styles are available

Built in Embroidery Resizing
Allows you to customize the size of built in designs, reducing them top 90% or enlarging them to 120%.

Accessories included with the Singer Professional XL-5000 -

  1. Knee lifter
  2. Electronic foot speed control
  3. Power lead
  4. Hard protective cover
  5. Embroidery unit carrying case
  6. Small, medium and large hoop
  7. Walking / even feet foot
  8. Cording foot
  9. Transparent button hole foot
  10. Rolled hemming foot
  11. Tweezers
  12. Housed in the pull off extension arm-
  13. One step button hole foot
  14. Blindstitch hem presser foot
  15. Overcasting / Overlocking foot
  16. Invisible foot
  17. Standard zipper foot
  18. Decretive stitch foot
  19. Embroidery foot
  20. Spools
  21. Singer needles
  22. Exclusive screw driver
  23. Seam ripper
  24. Quilting guide
  25. Bobbin winder threading guide
  26. Auxiliary bobbin winder shaft
  27. Eyelet hole punch
  28. Lint brush
  29. Twin needle spool pin and felt

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