Nitenpyram FLEA KILLER for dogs 25 - 125 lbs For Sale - New and Used

Nitenpyram FLEA KILLER for dogs 25 - 125 lbs

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Nitenpyram FLEA KILLER for dogs 25 - 125 lbs:


Little City Dogs
for DOGS
25 to 125 lbs.57 mg Nitenpyram
the same active ingredient as in the
Expiration Date: 1/15/2013

14 capsules...
WOW! Enough for
FOURTEEN 125 lb PETS!Also available Generic Capstar® Nitenpyram for cats & dogs 2 - 25 lbs
Item No. 220704500873 Dogs like our BEEF FLAVORED FLEA KILLER capsules. They TASTE like a snack and WORK LIKE A CHARM.

Little City Dogs Flea Killer is our best NEW WEAPON in our FIGHT AGAINST FLEAS!

  • It starts killing fleas in 30 minutes
  • Then fleas just FALL OFF DEAD.
  • So gentle it can be used DAILY.
  • Flea Killer reaches peak performance in 3 to 4 hours.
  • Not sure if your dog swallowed the capsule? a SECOND one is OK.
  • Feel your dog's infestation requires more? a SECOND capsule is OK.
  • If your pet is under 25 lbs use our capsule for 2 to 25 lb. pets ( Item No. 220704500873).
Nitenpyram is approved for use in dogs and cats over 4 weeks of age and over 2 pounds of body weight. It can be used on pregnant and nursing dogs and cats. Nitenpyram is so gentle, you can use it on your pet DAILY as needed. Nitenpyram is out of your pet's system in 24 hours.

Did you know that montly topical flea prevention applications, can only used a few days after you bathe your pet? Until you can apply the topical flea preventive, use Little City Dogs Flea Killer. When they seem to stop working before the month is out... use LCD Flea Killer. Little City Dogs Flea Killer is the perfect solution for when your dog has been in areas where you know they pick up fleas — or when you bring a new rescue or pet.

My capsules are Kosher and Halal inspected - certified BSE-free - natural bovine gelatin capsules filled with FRESH NITENPYRAM.

Get MORE than TWICE as many DOSES here for a FRACTION of the PRICE. My FOURTEEN capsules are enough to treat FOURTEEN 25 lb pets! Each BEEF FLAVORED capsule treats one 25 to 125 lb dog. Our BEEF FLAVORED capsule leaves a pleasant BEEF FLAVOR in your pet's mouth when they swallow it. Some pets will swallow it, while other pets will only take it in food. MY CAPSULES can be OPENED UP and EASILY SPRINKLED into a tiny portion of your PET's FAVORITE FOOD or SNACK! Dogs like it down the hatch or hidden in a hot dog chunk or a piece of cheese.

LittleCityDogs BEEF FLAVORED Flea Killer Capsules contains THE EXACT SAME active ingredient as the HIGHER PRICED national brand!

I breed and exhibit show quality Papillon Dogs and I have a soft spot for street cats. It's a no brainer... with dozens of pups and rescue cats to be wormed, I was paying plenty for pet meds until I found a way BOTH of us can save money AND save the street cats TOO. BEST OF ALL, your purchase will leave you with the good feeling that you helped to rescue street cats, get them spayed or neutered, seen by a vet & find them a home or a more humane street life.

Anjin was found dirty, half starved, covered head to tail with fleas & suffering from tapeworms. He was a kitten from his 2-year-old mother's FOURTH litter. Half of her kittens died young living the street life.

Can you believe Anjin's sister, Mitzu was also snow white with blue eyes under all this dirt? I took this photo the day I rescued her. She born just two months before Anjin, from her mom's third litter in just over a year. She lived in a plumbing warehouse, plagued with fleas, eating mice and spending her days under pallets and hiding in pipes.

I cleaned and fed her and took her to the vet, but for poor Mitzu, help came too late. Three weeks later, she went into a continuous convulsion and was euthanized in the animal hospital, as I cradled her in my hands. Your purchase will help me save many cats like Anjin and Mitzu. I'm not one of those places where you see DOZENS of "RESCUED" cats in cages. About a week after MY CATS are spayed... I PLACE EVERY SINGLE CAT IN A FAMILY HOME.

Please allow 1 BUSINESS DAY for shipping.  Saturdays and Sundays are not business days.  So if you order on Friday and your order ships on Monday, that is one business day.  If you order on Saturday or Sunday as they are not business days, the clock starts ticking on Monday, meaning your order will ship by Tuesday.

So please do not contact us and tell us that your pet has a massive flea infestation and ask us to send your order quicker.  Every order we receive is urgent and goes out the door as fast as is humanly possible.

Your shipment is guaranteed clean and odor free — from my smoke free home.

One glance at my response will give you an idea how ROYALLY I treat my buyers. I live by the words, "The Buyer is always right". ...But be advised that I only sell to SCAMMERs and HORRIBLY RUDE BUYERS once.

If you have any questions about your order, please explain to me nicely what the problem is, keeping in mind that it is my practice to bend over backwards to make my Buyers happy with their purchase.

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