John Deere 7000 2 row 3 point corn planter, ready to go For Sale - New and Used

John Deere 7000 2 row 3 point corn planter, ready to go

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John Deere 7000 2 row 3 point corn planter, ready to go:

Spring isofficially here and the time to plant corn is getting close. Be ready to go with this handy little 2 row 3 point hitch mounted planter made with John Deere 7000 planting units. Great size for a sweet corn patch, a little wildlife food plot or for going back to spot replant when its not worth getting the big planter out.

Row spacing is 30 inches. Hitch is Category 1 ( 7/8 inch diameter lower hitch pins). Any small utility tractor with at least 20 horsepower that can lift 800 pounds can handle this planter. Corn finger units and soybean feed cups are included.

The planter is for use in soil that has been worked. It is not a no-till planter.

Has 3 speed settings that are easily changed.In corn you can plantwith seed spacingof about 7.5 inches (27,900 plants per acre), 9 inches (23,200 plants per acre), and 11 inches (19,000 plants per acre). This should give youa good setting to use for your soiland crop conditions. For soybeans this would be approximately 50, 55 and 60 poundsper acre with 3000 seeds per pound.

The planter is serviced and all checked out. Please note, the planting units show more wear than the unit I had on sale last week. Thedisk openers measure 14.25 inches so they are worn 0.75 inches from new.It will still do a good job of planting and last a long time when only used a few acres a year. All service parts for these planters are readily available for reasonable cost from a parts supplier like Shoup Manufacturing Company of Kankakee, Illinois.

I don't have any more of these planters to sell. Building two of them was this winter's farm shop project.

This planter is for localpickup in central Indiana, zip code is 46075 (near Indianapolis). Loadingassistance will beno problem. If you have a question please email me.

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