HUGE Double MACAW AF GRAY Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand bird perch Gym For Sale -

HUGE Double MACAW AF GRAY Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand bird perch Gym

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HUGE Double MACAW AF GRAY Sandblasted Manzanita Parrot Tree Stand bird perch Gym:

© AP6.0I sell the largest manzanita tree stands available in the world and I am the only seller that will ship
afull size 5ft tree over the ocean. I was the very first person to startthis idea of selling the free standing manzanita tree here on 10years ago. I have 2 accounts my other one the bird-carpenter haswell over 1700 response because i am the one and only bird-carpenterand you will soon see many trees for sale on that account also. Contactme for an international shipping rate quote.INFACT I WILL PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL NEVER FIND A PHOTO ANYWHERE FROM ASTORE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD THAT IS AS BIG AS THIS MANZANITA GYM PHOTO RIGHT HERE.IF YOU FIND ONE JUST SHOOT ME A PHOTO OF IT AND I WILL PAY YOU $100CASH RIGHT NOW! THIS IS MY PROMISE TO YOU THAT THIS IS THE LARGEST TREEYOU WILL EVER SEE ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! I GUARANTEE THIS TO YOUWITH $100 CASH IN YOUR POCKET IF YOU COULD POSSIBLY FIND SOMETHINGMANZANITA THIS BIG! GOOD LUCK!Ps. Just for your info, I have had this little reword on here for about 10 years and only had 1 person try to shoot me a photo to claim the reward. It was not of a gym like this but of a long 7ft branch... I had to tell him that just a long branch just because of its length does not qualify to be compared to this built gym so I did not award any money.
This manzanita tree is a representation of the tree you will receive. Of coarse it is also the largest tree stand ever to be listed on . If you have another idea or similar design contact me for a custom tree. Please see

Thisactual tree in the photos shipped out to Sidney Australia lastChristmas and the total sale was twice what i am asking in thissale! (Of coarse that was when folks actually had a few dollars to buy these, today most folks can barely afford the table trees)
Perching diameters are 1/2 to 3 inches in diameters
The base measures 25 inches wide by 50 inches deep.
Thistree is great for african grays to macaw size birds or what ever birdwill find his claws fitting easily around those size perching diameter.
You will receive all the accessories in the photos shown for free as well as the shipping all free!
(free shipping applys only in the lower 40 U.S.A states)
  • The tree will include 2, 12 oz stainless steel cups free this is a $40 value for free
  • The swing with manzanita coin toys will also be free.
  • The 2.5" new caster wheels with double sets of ball bearing races that glide even over carpet all free!
  • Comes with easily to clean very thick counter top double sided malimane base
  • Of coarse assembly will be required on a tree this large and you will only need a simple philips screwdriver.
  • Instructions will be provided.
Keepin mind that manzantia is the 8 hardest wood in the world meaning thatits very dense and the larger pieces will crack over time. Please knowthat the cracks do not in any way affect the utility of the tree. Muchof my wood is fully seasoned and has finished its cracking but some ofmy wood is fresh and will continue to crack for a few weeks. This is anatural process with all manzanita wood. The wood usually will finishits cracking and curing after the first month of sitting around.
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