New Company Produces World’s First Climate-Specific Pet Food

A new pet food company has created a dog food designed to address the changing metabolic requirements of pets caused by changes in weather.

Since 2006, when the United States National Research Council (NRC) published "Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats", it has been known that changes in weather affect the nutritional needs of pets. Seasons Natural? Petfood has now created a unique patented process to manufacture the world’s first climate specific pet food. The company will offer two blends to address both warm and cool weather nutritional needs. The premise behind their unique patented blends, one for cool weather and one for the warmer months, is based in part on the NRC report.

As ambient temperatures rise or fall, the amount of energy a pet needs for normal metabolic function changes. With as little as a 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature fluctuation, a pet’s metabolic needs may change by as much as 40%. It has been scientifically proven that pets require more energy in the cooler months, and less in the warmer months. To address this effect, Seasons Natural? has created two dog food blends – one is formulated for cooler temperatures by providing an increase in proteins and fat; and the other is formulated for warmer months when less protein and fat are required. The patented process properly regulates the amount of digestible metabolic energy available in each formula, providing it to pets when they need it, as directed by nature.

The blend designed for cooler weather, Cool Weather Blend™, also contains L-Carnitine, which utilizes fat efficiently to help provide extra energy. And the Warm Weather Blend™ contains a blend of electrolytes to foster healthy heart function, muscle function and hydration, as well as helping provide a healthy skin and coat. Both blends deliver the proper amount of protein, fat, and climate-specific nutrients when the pet needs it most. Both blends are also similar in base ingredients so that the conversion between warm and cool weather formulas is easier on the pet’s digestive system.

"This is the first truly unique dog food to be introduced to the pet food industry in years," said Tom Kapocius, Seasons Natural? Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. "Consumers now more than ever want the best, most nutritious food for their pets. They know their animals deserve the very best foods for their nutritional needs, to help sustain a long and healthy life. With our climate specific formulations, we are confident Seasons Natural? delivers exactly what pets need and will enjoy."

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