New Horse Products Honored At Pet Expo

Three new products for horses have been honored as the best new horse products by the American Pet Products Association and the Pet Industry Distributors Association.

The three winning companies at the Global Pet Expo, an industry trade show held in February 2009 were Energetic Solutions Ltd. (Best in Show), Summit Chemical Company (Second) and Anivac Corporation (Third).

Energetic Solutions Ltd. produce the Shoo!TAG™, described as "a revolutionary green tag that uses electromagnetic frequencies to create a protective barrier against pests for pets that lasts up to four months by simply attaching it to the animal’s collar or braiding it into horse’s mane."

"I needed a better flea control. I had fleas on a dog that were feeding blood meals, I put a Shoo!TAG™ on his collar and to date no fleas experienced!" said Brain Reeves DVM of Reeves Veterinary Clinic in Texas.

The manufacturers say that the keu to Shoo!TAG™ is the three-dimensional electromagnetic static field embedded in the magnetic strip. Introducing it into the body’s own electical field produces an expanding barrier effect repelling targeted pests.

In third place, was the "EcoWash Animal Bathing System", produced by Anivac Corporation. Anivac’s animal cleaning system is a portable appliance which uses up to 90% less water than conventional cleaning methods. "Anivac’s patented nozzles deep clean from the skin up, removing dirt and hair, leaving a clean glossy coat. Using your Anivac will enable you to get all the dirt out and will drastically cut your grooming chore." says the company’s brochure.

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