Pet Owners Urged to Stop Using Peanut Products

Dozens of pet food and treat manufacturers have now conducted voluntary recalls on products containing peanuts, in response to the ongoing FDA investigation into Salmonella contamination.

Peanut butter and paste are sold by Peanut Corporation of America ( PCA) in bulk containers, and while neither product is sold directly to consumers, more than 100 companies that make peanut flavored products received shipments of potentially contaminated stock. After an FDA investigation it was found that the Georgie plant " was not compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices required by the FDA", and these deficiencies are related to cleaning programs and procedures as well as failure to implement steps to mitigate Salmonella contamination in the facility.

Pet food and treat manufacturers who have conducted recalls include Carolina Prime, Carolina Prime Pet, Grreat Choice, Happy Tails, Healthy Hide, Healthy-hide Deli-wrap, Salix, Shoppers Valu and more. The ASPCA advises that dogs who do become ill from Salmonella may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy, and drooling or panting. In severe cases, the bacterium may spread throughout the body resulting in death. Cats may develop high fever with vague non-specific clinical signs. Anyone who suspects their pet may have contracted salmonellosis should consult their veterinarian without delay.

"The ASPCA recommends that pet parents discontinue the use of all affected products immediately until further information has been received," said Dr. Steven Hansen, the ASPCA’s Senior Vice President of Animal Health Services. "Pet parents should wash their hands after handling any potentially contaminated food and immediately consult with a veterinarian if any signs or symptoms are noticed in their pets."

According to the FDA, the risk of animals contracting salmonellosis is minimal, but there is risk to humans from handling these products. And Dr. Louise Murray, Director of Medicine of the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial AnimalHospital said, "Salmonella can be passed between pets and humans. Adult cats are relatively resistant and most dogs infected with the bacterium appear normal, but may pass Salmonella in their feces which can infect people or other susceptible pets, therefore it’s essential that pet parents take steps to protect both themselves and their animal companions from exposure."

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