Pet Store Offers $2000 Reward For Parrot’s Return

Regulars at a pet store in Texas have helped contribute to a $2000 reward offered for the safe return of its blue-and-gold macaw Max, who was stolen on Tuesday 26th August.

The Pet Village of Duncanville, Texas, initially offered $1000 before some of their customers started contributing additional money. The macaw was hand raised in the store and has never left the store in his 28 years before he was stolen by thieves, who the store owner believes intentionally targeted the parrot.

"We were broken into and the thieves only wanted Max as they were in and out in 90 seconds and never went past his cage. They had obviously checked out the store because they knew we had cameras (their faces were covered) and an alarm." Co-owner Stephanie Roberts told

Macaws are popular pets because of their exuberant and playful personality. They are also good talkers, and anyone who believes they might have seen Max can help to identify him by his vocabulary – "Cracker", "What?", "Hello", "Bye Bye" and "Work".

Anyone with any information can email a dedicated email address: or can telephone 972-709-7387.

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