DNA Test For Canine Breed Heritage Launched

The first commercial DNA test for determining the breed composition of a dog has been launched. Canine Heritage(TM) is a diagnostic test that uses DNA technology to certify up to 38 major breeds.?

The vast majority of owners of mixed- breed dogs have no records or information about their pet’s family history. Owners can now take advantage of this exclusive technology to directly determine pedigree. The identification of parentage is no longer a prerequisite. The test requires only a cheek swab sample to be mailed to the company for analysis. Results are then returned to owners in 4-6 weeks.

In the US alone, rescue organizations and animal shelters account for roughly half of the 6 million dogs taken home per year and only 25% of these pets are purebred. Beyond an adopter’s innate curiosity about their new pet, owners are interested in their dog’s breed composition so they can make informed decisions about their dog’s health and diet. The test costs around $55 per dog.

"The first question always asked of mixed-breed dog owners is, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ Now, owners need not guess and can say with certainty, ‘The Canine Heritage(TM) test showed that my dog is a mix of Labrador Retriever, English Setter and Border Collie’. In addition to better understanding your pet’s behavior, your dog’s breed analysis can enable you to work more closely with your veterinarian to develop a lifetime health and wellness program," said Dr. Ed Quattlebaum, Co-Chairman and CEO of MetaMorphix, Inc.

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