Treatment of Diarrhea in Cats

My cat has had diarrhea since yesterday. I don't know what to do to stop it. What are the best treatments to end diarrhea in cats?

In very young, old or weak animals diarrhea can be a life-threatening condition. Animals can very rapidly become dangerously dehydrated. For this reason, we recommend that in all cases of diarrhea you contact your vet immediately.

However, in healthy adult cats and dogs, a temporary bout of diarrhea (i.e. lasts no longer than 24 hours) is generally no cause for concern if it is not accompanied by any other symptoms, since temporary diarrhea in cats can be caused by something as simple as a change in food. However, it is vitally important to make sure that your cat stays hydrated to avoid potential damage to his internal organs. if your cat will not drink from a bowl this can be accomplished using a medicine dropper or pipette. Unless the cause of the diarrhea is obvious – for example a change of food – unfortunately there is very little that can be done at home.

In cases of chronic diarrhea, or in cases where blood or mucus is observed, your cat always needs to be examined by a vet to determine the underlying cause. Chronic diarrhea can be associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), food alleries, bacterial infections, intestinal parasites and many systemic diseases. Only a thorough medical examination will reveal the true cause of diarrhea in such cases.