Stopping A Dog Killing Game Birds

How do you stop a dog from killing ducks/pheasants/chicks?

This is one problem that is tough to correct but it is not impossible. It is more common in hunting dogs than in shepherding breeds but not unusual in Australian Shepherds. There is a general belief that once a dog gets a taste for fresh blood that it is impossible to stop them hunting – this is certainly not always the case.

The basic concept of training your dog not to do something like this is using low forms of punishment when doing the act, rather than praise for not doing it. For this, you need to know what your dog respects more: A sharp "No" from you; A loud noise such as a whistle; Or a short "nick" from an electric collar. The third way is normally the most effective and often the only way to stop behavior which is so instinctive, and while it may sound cruel it is used by many thousands of people who use their dogs for hunting, shepherding and other work.

A small shock is administered by such collars when you press a button via remote control. It is very important that you only apply such a shock when the dog is doing something wrong, and should be used very sparingly – dogs are quick learners. Let your dog go about his normal business, while you hide so as to dissociate yourself from the scenario. When your dog begins to chase one of the birds, apply a shock. Your dog will very quickly learn that this shock results from him chasing one of the birds and you should be able to correct this behavior. However, be sure to follow the product instructions very carefully and be sure to cease using this method if it does not seem to be working.