How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

We are feeding our 6 month old lab/mix puppy 1 cup of food, two times a day. Should we be feeding her more?

This all depends on the level of activity. At six months old, we can safely assume that a Labrador is extremely active. If the manufacturer of the food recommends this quantity then it is probably correct. However it does sound like it might be insufficient.

The problem one always has with Labradors is that they are extremely veracious eaters. That is, if you were to allow them to eat until they were full, they would continue to eat and eat. This is why Labradors more than most carry a pot-belly.

You did not say why you think this might not be enough food. All dogs at this age may look slightly undernourished, being tall and slender rather than muscular. I would recommend that you change brand of food to one which displays clearly the recommended quantity of food to give.