Dog Wets His Bed

I have a 5 year old dog that sleeps with me at night. When it was a puppy I trained it to do the toilet at the appropriate times and thus not wet the bed that the two of us are sleeping in. However just recently he has begun to wet the bed every night. There is nothing wrong with him, as I have taken him to the vet. I have tried to teach him to be obedient again, but I think due to his age he is not responding to the teaching. Do you have any suggestions and have you ever come across this?

A 5 year old dog should not be too old to train, or indeed retrain. An obvious suggestion is that you make sure he goes to the toilet just before bedtime, although I suspect you already do this. I think that the only solution is to keep trying to train him. As soon as you discover he has wet the bed, you should give him a row and send him from the room. Put some bedding outside the door for him to sleep on, and try to ignore his pleas to get back inside. And when you wake up to discover there have been no accidents, reward him with praise and a treat. Good luck!